Wowbook offers a search for antiquarian books, book art (illustrated books, artists books, etc.), antique engravings, posters and prints, rare works and curious, individualised works, tailor made for the wishes, ideas and person in mind.

Every gift has its own history, occasion and reasons. Wowbook can help you find the right one and give it your personal touch.


We will help you to find an ideal gift for a unique moment.


A gift for everyone, for any occasion; unique gifts for unique people and times. Wowbook awakens emotions!


Contact us, either by e-mail or phone, to confirm the profile of the person or institution you would like to make the gift to, along with your preferences for themes, languages and the amount you want to spend. We will be happy to give you an estimate.


A personalized packaging that relates both to you and the person receiving the gift, an individualised ex-libris or ex-webis  and individualised bookmarks.

Including description that gives the receiving person or institution some information about the gift.